Console Gaming to Die Out Soon? Who Reckons That?

I don’t know what you reckon about this but I just read that console gaming as we know it will die out soon. Do you see any hint of this happening?

As you go about your daily life you don’t half come across some strange and wonderful things. Now let me tell you straight up that I ain’t no computer wizzard or some console-know-it-all. I’m probably just like the rest of most folk – I’ve got a job, house, car, Mrs etc etc.

Now when you hear about things with which you have no interest in, or no direct contact with, the chances are that those things are probably quite, if not, very popular. You may not be into consoles or Wii’s or ps3’s or xbox 360’s etc but I bet you’ve heard of them right – even the old folk amongst us have heard of them.

So when I read that console gaming will die out in several years, I’m sorry, but I just can’t see it. All this console gaming started over thirty years ago and not only is it still going but it’s getting stronger.

Consoles are getting better, faster and slicker than ever before and even I can see that with my untrained eye!

Industry experts can say what they will and I have total respect for them, why wouldn’t I? But as I look around, I can only see console gaming increasing in popularity, not decreasing. The Nintendo Wii for example, and if you didn’t know has sold over 25 million in around 18 months! That’s 18 months out of a console world which is about 30 years old!

Really folks, you don’t have to take a good look around you – you know without looking that console gaming, even if you’re not into it, is all the rage right now with no signs of stopping yet.

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