The Toss Between PC and Console Gaming

Gamers have always argued about which was a better gaming experience, console games or computer games. If you’re confused yourself and but would like some sound insights to ponder on as you try to have an opinion on this, take a look at some of the points that the debate has been focused on.

Console gamers claim consoles are better because they simply have to plug their machine into a socket and begin to play. Computer games tend to take longer to begin due to the fact that the game has to be installed into a hard drive and there could even be issues about compatibility which can become a frustration. In this arena, console games are definitely at an advantage.

Another point to consider is the quality of graphics and most gamers claim computer games are certainly superior above console games in this arena. Naturally, this is so because PC’s will tend to have greater amount of space and capabilities when it comes to graphic presentation, thus, colors are sharper and shapes are much more defined. Compared to consoles, computers again have this edge. Add to this the continuing developments on computer-intended graphic technologies which practically make computer graphics increasingly superior with each upgrade option made available.

Probably one thing that makes console games more preferable is the fact that a player can play with a consistent level of performance from the machine as compared to computers whose performance capabilities are dictated by the PC’s specs, such as RAM, CPU, hard drive , drivers and video cards. While all these can potentially pose problems in one’s PC game experience, consoles do not have these issues and are, therefore, favorable in this respect.

In terms of availability of games, it’s undeniable that more games can be played on a PC and consoles are naturally lagging behind in this category.

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